My Summer collage


I work in my studio this summer with paintings.

In Sct.Olaigade 8 will be open when I'm there doing some weaving.

Something you want to buy from Sct.Olaigade 8, please contact me.

Some of my bags you can find in

Butik Anna & Sofie, Stengade 60

tel. 30626087, mail:


My last upcycled bag

Bag made from homespun old Swedish wool and handwoven front.

Tine Koia means :

Eco friendly brand.

TEXTILE Fantasy Bags

Crazy Quilts wall art

Decorated burlap sacs (Fantasy rug)

Handmade paper and textile

Creativity and Fantasy.

Loose threads.

Admiration of the old,worn, unpolished and imperfect.

Respect and Admiration  for ancestors crafts and material.

Reuse and Recycling

Originality- inside out.

Unique - not two products are exactly alike





From wool to rug

Bornholm textile.
Work in progress.


Tine Koia is Sølvi Jonssons own production where emphasis is placed on raw design and rude finish.  No restrictions exist about the choice of tecnic,materials and combinations.







Decorated burlap sac. Detail

Me and my work.

I have lived nearly all my life in the Norwegian wood. My home and my Gallery are now here in Wonderful Helsingør.

I have an Architect DIA education from Copenhagen, and architectural details will often be seen in my art.                

In my Textile design I'm not bound to any special tecnic or material. My curiosity in experimenting does not allow that.

 I often use shabby, resirculated materials to make new products and take care of old handicraft.  

With my textilework I hope I can make you glad and proud to be the owner of a piece textile from our ancestor's cloth or handicraft brought into another design.

Welcome into my world of Art. 


Instagram : Tine Koia  -tlf +45 30626087